Our multi-room volume control is an easy to use controller for up to 3 pairs of speakers. Rated for 100 watts per channel, it delivers high quality and is a great value for whole home audio or classroom a/v. It offers 36 dbs of attenuation from all the way off in the counterclockwise position to all the way on. Solderless terminations make it easy for the pro or home-user to install. It supports up to 14 gauge speaker wire. Each volume control comes with three matching knobs, inserts and plates - ivory, white and almond. This allows you to easily match any installation color scheme. This solderless impedance matching volume control supports up to 100 watts per channel. The 100 Watt Resistor Based Volume Control is a fantastic solution for your audio needs. For more information on our products please contact our customer service department at 888-519-9505 For all your cable and connector needs choose Show Me Cables.