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Network Racks

  1. Cable Management - Racks and Cabinets

    Keeping cables organized in racks and cabinets can be tedious, but it is well worth the effort. Nothing is worse than needing to get to a single cable having problems while trying to sort through a jumbled, unorganized mess of wires. Luckily, there are a number of options for keeping cables organized so that any repairs take minutes instead of hours.

    Size is the main factor to take into consideration when looking at cable management equipment. The standard width for all racks and cabinets is 19 inches across, so that will be the size of any cable management equipment that does not say otherwise. The length of the equipment is measured in rack units (RU). A single rack unit consists of one pair of holes used to secure equipment on either side of the rack/cabinet and the space around them, measuring 1¾ inches total. When selecting cable management equipment or any other equipment,

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  2. ICC Fiber Adapter Panel - ST - 6 - Port Simplex

    This is the ICC Fiber Adapter Panel - ST - 6 - Port Simplex With this stainless steel ICC Adapter Panel, you can easily make your mount enclosure unit support your fiber applications. With its push pin technology, installation is a breeze. Just line up the holes and push! This panel includes 6 pre-loaded Simplex adapters, and fits all ICC fiber enclosures. The ICC adapter supports 62.5/125 and 50/125 micron fiber cables, but works with multimode configurations only. For more information on our product please contact our customer service department at 888-519-9505 For all your cable and connector needs choose Show Me Cables.

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  3. LC Multimode Fiber Patch Panel Kit - 12 Port

    Product#15-310-012 This is the LC Multimode Fiber Patch Panel Kit - 12 Port With this LC Multimode Fiber Patch Panel, you can easily make one rack unit support your multimode fiber applications. There is no work that needs to be done other than plugging it in and letting it play. There is no cutting, polishing, or terminating. This Patch panel includes: LC Multimode connectors 1 Rack unit 12 ports Each LC Multimode connector supports 62.5/125 and 50/125 micron fiber cables. This patch panel is easy to install and fits standard 19’ Rack Mounts. For more information on our product please contact our customer service department at 888-519-9505 For all your cable and connector needs choose Show Me Cables.

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  4. 45U 2 Post Aluminum Floor Rack - Easy Setup For Your Data Closet

    Hi, I’m Kyle from ShowMeCables. ShowMeCables is a distributor of ECore Cables DuroRacks. ECore DuroRacks are an entire product family of racks, enclosures and accessories. The ECore DuroRacks provide maximum features without maximizing your budget. This is the ECore DuroRack two post aluminum relay rack. It is 45 spaces tall and the industry standard 19 inches wide, which gives you room to hold all of your data equipment. The 2 post rack is made using a lightweight, sturdy aluminum and black powder finish to prevent rust or corrosion. With easy to identify rack space numbering on each post, you no longer have to count screw holes to make sure your equipment is level. The rack includes all of the hardware needed for assembly and can support up to 800 lbs when properly loaded and floor spaces have been anchored. Access points along both posts m

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  5. Middle Atlantic 20 Outlet Power Strip - Perfect To Save Space In Your Data Rack 175 views 0 0

    The Middle Atlantic PDT-2X1015 is a reliable power management solution for your next rack build out. With flexible power options, 20 outlets and a low-profile design, you will have the power you need where you need it. Lets look at some of the features that set this power strip apart from the competition. The PDT-2x1015 is field configurable to meet the demands of your installation. The junction box, located on the bottom of the power strip, allows you to wire the power strip as a single circuit or two circuits with or without an isolated technical ground. With 20, 15 amp, surge protected, Nema 5-15r outlets, spaced 3.5 inches apart, you will always have an outlet nearby. This allows you to run shorter power cords from your equipment to the power strip, promoting proper cable management and thermal management. Even better, this power availability

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  6. Wall Mount Network Rack Buyers Guide

    Wall mount network racks are a space saving way to mount networking equipment. When installing IT equipment in a data closet or shared space, there often is not enough space on the floor to mount a full relay rack or full size cabinet. To maximize the usable area, the IT hardware, such as switches, routers or patch panels, can be mounted on a wall mount network rack. This keeps the equipment off the floor in a nicely organized fashion.

    Like any rack or cabinet, wall mount racks are configurable with many options. Here is everything you need to know to select the right network rack.

    Select the Right Size
    Wall mount racks are a standard 19 inches wide. This is the width of most rack mountable networking equipment. However, they come in all different heights which are measured by rack units. Rack units, abbreviated RU or U,

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