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  1. Cable Management - Raceway and Wiring Duct


    Raceway, also called conduit, is a hollow plastic stick used to protect cables and keep them out of sight after installation. Keeping cables protected after they are installed increases the cables overall lifespan and cuts down on maintenance. Being made of solid plastic, raceway provides more than adequate protection in most non-extreme environments.

    Regardless of whether cables are in a home or running through an office, raceway is widely considered a great solution for hiding cables as well as protecting them. Having bare wire hanging against the wall looks ugly. A simple plastic stick is much smoother and provides a more professional aesthetic for anything from a home TV antenna cable to a cable connecting a projector in a business office.



    While raceway is not terribly complicated, there are a few factors to take into consideration before purchasing. There are different sizes of raceway available depending on how many cables will be going through it. Small raceway, for example, measures at ¾” and can hold anywhere from 1-4 ethernet cables. The next size, 1¼”, holds 5-7 ethernet cables, and so on and so forth as the sizes get bigger.

    Standard raceway comes manufactured as sticks, most commonly measuring either 6 or 8 feet in length. These sticks can be cut down using a simple raceway cutting tool. Each raceway stick also has a

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  2. Cable Management - Cable Prep

    A little cable prep can go a long way towards keeping your work area tidy. Anytime you use more than a few cables, they can quickly become a tangled, jumbled mess. Using a few cable prep tools can keep cables safe, secure, and neat.

    Cable Labels

    When lots of different cables are all hooked up right next to each other, it can be hard to remember where each cable goes. One of the simplest ways to keep track of each cable is with some simple labels. These labels come with templates and are on sheets the size of a standard piece of paper, allowing them to be printed on any standard printer. The individual labels are also available in multiple sizes to ensure a fit regardless of how thick or thin of a cable you have.


    Electrical Tape

    Electrical tape is another simple way to keep cables labeled. Some types of cables are available in multiple colors, but others might only be available in

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