Introducing Our New M12 Cables

Networking takes shape in many different environments and not just in clean, dry server rooms. Many industries, including automation, robotics, and alternative energy must have access to networks but are out in the field quite often. The products used to build these networks must withstand harsh environmental factors for the long haul. Our new M12 cables manufactured by L-com provide secure connections for all of your industrial networking application needs.

What is an M12 cable?

M12 cables from ShowMeCables are category-rated ethernet cables with two connectors on either end. These circular connectors have 12mm locking threads to ensure an established connection and a tight seal. Specifically, the twelve pins within the cable meet industrial signal requirements and keep you connected to a secure network. 

What makes an M12 cable special?

The difference between traditional category-rated ethernet cables and M12 ethernet cables is the environment in which they can perform. Traditional ethernet cables are used within a server room under normal conditions, meaning the room is dry, temperature-controlled, and monitored regularly. M12 cables can perform similar functions in environments with harsher conditions - those with excess water, corrosion, or wind, for example. 

M12 cables are coded to prevent incorrect mating between cables, and shielding is available in many cases. With an industrial outdoor FR-TPE jacket and IP-68 rating, these cables can be used in applications that have sensors, actuators, and factory automation. Our M12 cables are Cat5e rated, oil- and sunlight-resistant, rated for 600v, and available in four variations and multiple lengths.

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