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Nicole Teran

  1. Work From Home Solutions


    Work From Home Solutions

    Work From Home Solutions


    Navigating the new work environment, we are all experiencing is challenging enough; connecting your equipment shouldn’t be. But we have all experienced frustration as the ports on our laptop don’t mate with our monitor, or are cable isn’t long enough to reach, or are new “co-workers” ala our pets and children interrupt our conference call. We can’t help you with everything, but navigating connectivity issues is our specialty.

    Our sales and support team are here to help you find the tools you’ll need to expand your workspace, connect your laptop, adapt old equipment to new equipment, remotely connect to your office network while powering everything from your peripherals to your PC. No experience is required on your end. Just send us some pictures, and we can quickly identify what you need.

    Here are a few of the most popular work from home solutions.


    Mult-Port Adapters

    Multi-Port adapters take a single port and adapt it to more than one port. This is very common with new laptops using USB-C. Because of its small form factor, USB-C is very popular. While it’s streamlined approach allows your laptop to be thinner, it also creates the need for dongles and adapters. For example, our 3-in-1 USB C adapter adapts a single USB-C into a multi-port connection providing USB, HDMI, and RJ45 (ethernet).

    USB Type C

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  2. Ten Key Advantages of Wire Mesh Cable Tray

    Wire Mesh Cable Tray

    Wire mesh cable trays have been gaining in popularity over the past decade.  It is becoming the preferred cable support choice of installers, integrator and construction companies.  Here are a few of the advantages of wire mesh cable tray vs. closed cable tray or conduit.

    Material & Cost Savings

    Due to the nature of wire mesh having openings, it requires less raw materials to make, which is better for the environment and reduces manufacturing costs.  There is both less steel and less steel waste for wire mesh trays than solid steel trays or cable ladder trays. This savings is passed on to the customer. As a whole wire mesh cable tray (also referred to as cable baskets) is less expensive than other solutions.

    Solutions for All Industries

    Cable trays are used in all types of industries including fiber optic installations in data centers, data cabling in offices, tray cable for manufacturing or harsh environment industries such as oil and gas.  Wire mesh cable trays options include galvanized, hot-dipped, stainless, polyethylene and NEC rated to meet the requirements of your project.

    Customizable In the Field

    Every installation is different and requires various bends and slope changes to properly route cable.  Wire mesh cable trays are the only solution that can be customized on the job site. With simple tools, the cable tray can be cut and bent to meet the exact requirements.  With ladder or steel trays, you would have to order the parts, joints and corner pieces beforehand. If anything would change or the installation was sligh

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