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Monthly Archives: June 2022

  1. Stay Cool, Secure and Flexible with Server Racks


    A large office might keep its computer servers in a data center while a smaller one can get by with an IT closet. But there is one thing most offices have in common: Their servers and related IT equipment are installed together in server racks.

    Server racks hold not only computer servers but patch panels, network switches, power distribution units and other components related to the servers. They are either floor-mounted on feet or on wheels, or wall-mounted. Server racks are popular because they serve four crucial functions.


    ShowMeCables’ server racks have several features for keeping your equipment cool. They have built-in fans to enable thermal management. Doors and side panels are vented for circulation. On most models, top panels are either vented or have dedicated ports for installing fans. Some cabinets have cable-routing features that keep interiors less cluttered to promote air flow. For the best circulation, we offer open-frame racks.


    Networking equipment is t

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  2. Don’t Enter That Cryptocurrency Mine without the Right Cables and Antennas

    iStock-1339660884.jpgWhether you’re mining coal, copper or cryptocurrency, one thing is true: To be successful, you need the right equipment.

    Crypto mining for digital currency has exploded in popularity in recent years. It started in 2009 with the first decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. As of 2022, the marketplace offers more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies, with the top two alone having over $791 billion of coins in circulation, according to CoinMarketCap. Mining all that crypto profitably requires a computer rig with a core processing unit (CPU), graphics processing units (GPUs), a motherboard and other elements.

    Crypto Mining Rigs Need Cables

    Regardless of a rig’s size, it needs cables to power and to connect the devices. Below we describe the main types of antennas and cables you will need to outfit a crypto mining rig:

    Helium Miner Antenna Upgrade Kits

    One popular way to obtain cryptocurrency is by mining helium coins, called HNT, using a helium hotspot that uses RF radio signals. Our helium miner antenna upgrade kits were designed for

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