Custom Coax Assmbly

The word “custom” sounds expensive. Often it is. A new Porsche 911 S Exclusive is not cheap, but if you want one with a custom “python green” paint job, it’s an extra $98,000. Examples like that might make one wary about going the custom route.

One reason more people don’t buy custom cable assemblies is that they think they can’t afford it. While it’s true that nonstandard assemblies can be pricier up front, they can save you money in the long run. This blog post points out three ways you can come out ahead with custom cables.

Longer Lasting

Going custom means choosing a cable and connectors that were specifically designed for a certain purpose. When your installation operates within the electrical parameters, tolerances and environmental conditions it was intended for, it will perform better and last longer. Less maintenance will save you money.

Less Waste

When you have cable cut to the exact length you need, none is wasted. You’re not left with yards of cable you might never use. There’s no excess slack that can get tangled with other cords and requires you to buy more cable management products. Cleaner installations take up less room, allowing you to better utilize space. Also, at ShowMeCables there’s less waste with custom because there are no minimum order requirements − you don’t have to buy five or 10 just to get one.

Less Labor and Time

Saved time is saved money. One feature of custom cable assemblies is that you can specify what color you want it to be, and/or have special labels printed on the connectors. Both options make it easier and less time-consuming to identify cable when you troubleshoot a connection problem or have to add, remove or reroute wires from a bundle. This also eliminates the labor and time of applying labels yourself.

Speaking of time savings, some types of custom cable combine multiple functions within one jacket, which saves y

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