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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  1. Clean Fiber, Happy Fiber

    Clean Fiber, Happy Fiber



    It only takes microscopic dust and oil particles on the end-faces of fiber optic cables to cause major data loss, or outright fiber link failure. These contaminants are impossible to see with the naked eye but can easily accumulate and be distributed from mating and de-mating soiled plugs. Even brand-new fiber optic connectors straight out the package are susceptible to particulates from those handling the connections before they arrive on site.

    Regular inspection and cleaning are the only way to ensure reliable fiber optic connection without running the risk of degradation of fiber optic connectors, data loss, or fiber link failure.

    Here are some easy to use fiber optic cleaners that can efficiently remove dirt, oil, and debris from end-face connectors.

    Fiber Optic Smart Cleaner Mini

    The fiber optic cleaners are the solution for technicians maintaining connectivity with a high volume of connectors. An extendable tip provides accessibility to recessed connectors and the 180-degree rotation engages a full sweep of the connector. A removeable end cap allows you to clean both in-adapter and unmated connectors. This is a dry cleaner, but it is made up of anti-static material, so you won’t create a static charge from the dry wiping after the connector is cleaned. The initial cartridge is good for 400 plus cleanings and can be replaced with a fresh cartridge.


    Fiber Optic Cleaner Cassette

    The cassette s

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  2. 5G: What's Going On?




    If you’ve paid any attention to commercial advertising put out by telecommunications companies within the last year, you’ll notice “5G” is the hot button buzzword. So popular, in fact, that American-Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is featured in a 30-second clip attempting to explain it with the help of a technology expert…Ryan still doesn’t quite grasp it.

    In a nutshell 5G is the fifth-generation mobile network and the goal is to create a massive network connecting machines, objects, and devices. To do so, this network must deliver increased data speeds, extremely low latency, and more reliability across the board. For those in the industry, the successful deployment and utilization of 5G means positive impacts in transportation, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and even everyday consumer experiences on mobile networks.

    In the long run this will be a major driver to economic growth across the entire world. By impacting and enhancing mobile broadband services, mission-critical communications, and the Internet of Things (IoT) there is the potential for 5G to make a difference in just about every facet of human life that relies on data connectivity.

    In the short run we’re a little way off from experiencing the wide-spread utopian effects of this upgraded generation in wireless technology, but most of the groundwork has been laid and only time will tell whether the roll-out and deployment of 5G will live up to its endgame promise.

    5G is more so an investment in our future. This delayed reaction and full force feel is only natural in the industry. It took 4G almost 2-3 years to have an influence on how we connect with one another. First appearing on phones in

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