Slim Down: The Patch Cable Diet


It’s easy for the once-cavernous space of a data center to turn cramped and congested. The space isn’t growing, but the equipment and need for connectivity is. The solution? Slim Cat6 patch cables to help reduce space, improve airflow, and provide easier management in a bustling data center.


Reduce Space

Cat6 Slim Ethernet patch cables have done their share of diet and exercise, going from 24AWG on standard Cat6 cables down to 28AWG. In terms of overall diameter, that is a physical slim down from 5.3mm OD to 3.5mm OD.


Easier to Manage

Compared to standard Cat6 these slim patch cables are easier to handle and route from switch-to-server links in high-density data centers. Decreased overall diameter means increased flexibility. Running patch cables around corners, in crowded racks/closets, and through panels just got much easier. With the space saved it switching to slim, it also helps in providing a clear line of sight to identify ports on patch panels.  


Increased Airflow

Smaller cable diameter equates to more airflow and better ventilation in racks and cabinets. This decongestion helps with equipment cooling in racks and server rooms and helps overall maintenance of hardworking networks.


If your data center could use some room to breathe, consider our E-Core Cat

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