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Monthly Archives: July 2020

  1. Patch Panels - How To Manage the Tangle

    How To Manage the Tangle


    Patch panels are the cornerstone of a well-tuned data center. They provide some method to the madness of incoming and outgoing networking cables and help with future growth and trouble-shooting. 

    A patch panel is an arrangement of ports on one panel, which can be mounted to a rack or wall. Patch panels allow you to bundle and connect multiple ports for incoming and outgoing lines. They’re great cable management and network solution to centralize telecommunications and data equipment in communications closets, central offices, and data centers.


    What is the purpose of a patch panel?
    A patch panel is a mounting assembly w

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  2. Choosing the Right WiFi Antenna

    Choosing the Right WiFi Antenna


    To identify the right antenna for your WiFi application it is important to note the differences in omnidirectional and directional antennas. Either the signal is radiating out in every direction, which is called omnidirectional, or there is a reflective surface to focus the signal in a specific direction, which is called directional.

    Depending on your primary application there are ceiling, panel, Log Periodic/Yagi, fixed omni, and rubber

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  3. Here Is What You Need to Consider When Purchasing Antennas

    What You Need to Consider When Purchasing Antennas


    When buying an antenna there several factors that go into finding the right solution for your network. Without proper consideration, you will not achieve the desired connectivity, which can result in a loss of time and money.

    The basic function of an antenna is to take a signal traveling through a cable and convert it to a signal that can travel through the air. The most common applications for antennas are Wi-Fi/WLAN networks, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and in public safety/first responder systems.

    Since there are many different types of antennas, these are a few of the major items to consider before you buy an antenna:

    • What is the application?
    • What frequency do
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