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Monthly Archives: November 2019

  1. The Importance of Cybersecurity

    The Importance of Cybersecurity

    Computer Security

    November 30th marks Computer Security Day, and in today’s world, technology plays a large role in most of what we do both professionally and personally. Much of our private information is shared electronically on various websites. It’s important to remember that the data stored on our computers and mobile devices must be kept secure and safe. However, taking steps to ensure our private materials doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly daunting. 

    Here are four tips to ensure you’re up-to-date when it comes to protecting yourself online.

    Always use strong passwords.

    You’ve heard it before: it’s not wise to use password as a password. It’s also not in best practice to use words, dates, or phrases that others might be able to guess, such as the names of your children, your anniversary, or your address. Using these elements in your password opens your information to being hacked or stolen. Strong passwords require a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that would be difficult for others to guess. It’s also wise to use different passwords across all of the sites that require a login. Using the same or a similar password could lead to being hacked on multiple websites. 

    Protect everything possible.

    We store all sorts of information electronically these days: bank account numbers, confidential documents, passwords, among other items. If the information should be protected in any way, it’s imperative to do so. Passwords can be used to protect documents, and online banking and credit card site login information should be kept private. Any files that should be kept need to be backed up in some form or another, either through the cloud or on a hard drive. 

    Keep software up-to-date.

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  2. Introducing Our New M12 Cables

    Introducing Our New M12 Cables

    Networking takes shape in many different environments and not just in clean, dry server rooms. Many industries, including automation, robotics, and alternative energy must have access to networks but are out in the field quite often. The products used to build these networks must withstand harsh environmental factors for the long haul. Our new M12 cables manufactured by L-com provide secure connections for all of your industrial networking application needs.

    What is an M12 cable?

    M12 cables from ShowMeCables are category-rated ethernet cables with two connectors on either end. These circular connectors have 12mm locking threads to ensure an established connection and a tight seal. Specifically, the twelve pins within the cable meet industrial signal requirements and keep you connected to a secure network. 

    What makes an M12 cable special?

    The difference between traditional category-rated ethernet cables and M12 ethernet cables is the environment in which they can perform. Traditional ethernet cables are used within a server room under normal conditions, meaning the room is dry, temperature-controlled, and monitored regularly. M12 cables can perform similar functions in environments with harsher conditions - those with excess water, corrosion, or wind, for example. 

    M12 cables are coded to prevent incorrect mating between cables, and shielding is available in many cases. With an industrial outdoor FR-TPE jacket and IP-68 rating, these cables can be used in applications that have sensors, actuators, and factory automation. Our M12 cables are Cat5e rated, oil- and sunlight-resistant, rated for 600v, and available in four variations and multiple lengths.

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  3. Advantages of Purchasing Bulk Cable from ShowMeCables

    Bulk Cable Options from ShowMeCables

    Bulk cable solutions from ShowMeCables enable technology and establish connections. Every building, wireless system, and communication network across the frequency spectrum requires wired infrastructure. Although, cabling might not be the focus of many tech projects, when cabling isn’t working the entire system grinds to a halt causing downtime and service disruption.

    Understanding the thank-less yet critical role infrastructure cable plays, we prioritize performance, reliability, and availability with our bulk cabling solutions. Using carefully curated product offerings from trusted manufacturers and spec-equivalent generic products we give you the options you need to get the job done. ShowMeCables bulk cable offerings are trusted by millions.

    Here are four advantages of purchasing bulk cable from ShowMeCables:

    • We cut cable. From testing purposes to huge installations, ShowMeCables can cut your order to exactly what you need. This huge benefit to you helps to reduce waste, save money, and cut excess inventory. There’s no need to find a place to store surplus cabling and you get a cost-efficient, custom solution. Bulk cable can be ordered in as small an increment as one foot!
    • We offer a wide variety of specialty bulk cable. Our bulk cable offerings come in many different categories: ethernet cables, audio-visual needs, coax, voice, fiber optic, portable cords, and high-temperature cables, among others. You can customize cables to fit your solution as well, with several different jacket types, conductor counts, gauges, colors, and shielding options available. Whatever your application, we have varied solutions to fit your needs, including wifi, indoor/outdoor cables, and signals from DC to AC microwave.
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