Belden REVconnect System

Belden's REVconnect system provides an easy to terminate, high-performance and reliabile solution for terminating category cable. To use the system technicians only need to learn a single termination style for bonded and non-bonded installations. Using Belden's innovative REVconnect core, the terminated cable can be used on 8 different types of jacks and plugs.


  • Reliable
    Terminating category cable should work the first time and every time. Revconnect’s unique termination process ensures a lasting connection during the first installation. No more re-terminations.
  • Easy
    An easy to learn process for both experienced or inexperienced users. It works the same way no matter what type of cable you are working with - bonded and non-bonded terminates in the same way.
  • Versatile
    A single core works for 8 types of connections including RJ45 connectors and jacks

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