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36 Pin Male to Female Centronics Low Profile Port Saver

Low Profile Design | Reduces Strain | Protect Pins of Device
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Our Centronics port savers are the perfect solution to protect the pins on your device from damage during frequent plugging-in and unplugging. All you need to do is plug is plug this adapter into the port you want protected. With its low profile design, it reduces strain on the ports. Each port saver is fully shielded to prevent unwanted noise from entering the line and their molded covering provides you with a solid connection every time.


  • Connector 1: Centronics 36 Pin Male
  • Connector 2: Centronics 36 Pin Female
  • Protects the Pins on Your Device
  • Low Profile Design Reduces Strain
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Q: What is a Centronics interface?

A: This is the standard interface that is used to connect printers to other devices such as your computer. The 36 pin connectors are known as the IEEE 1284 standard parallel interface and the 50 pin connectors are known as the SCSI-2 interface.

Q: Centronic connectors look pretty similar to the D-Sub connectors. Are they the same thing?

A: No they are not the same thing. They do look similar because of their D-Shaped metal shield but they have different types of contacts. Centronic connectors use ribbon contacts while D-Sub connectors use pin contacts.

Q: What are some other names that Centronic connectors go by?

A: Telco Mini D Ribbon Amphenol Micro Ribbon Miniature Ribbon or Parallel Port are a few different names that you might see for Centronic connectors.

Features & Specs
Connector 1Type of Connector on side 1?36 Pin Male Centronics
Connector 2
Type of connector on side 2?36 Pin Female Centronics
Form Factor
The Form Factor of the Connector?Straight