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300 to 75 Ohm Separator / Combiner Balun


This product has been discontinued

F-Type Male | 2 Spade Female Terminals | Bi-Directional | Minimal Direct Pick-Up
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300 to 75 Ohm Separator / Combiner Balun

This Separator/Combiner is used to convert 75 Ohm connections into 300 Ohm connections. It is often used on old VCR's and TV's with F inputs and it is converted to external antennas. This allows you to run your signal longer distances without losing quality.


  • Connector 1: F-Type Male
  • Connector 2: Two Spade Terminals - Female
  • Bidirectional
  • Minimal Direct Pick-up
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Q: What is a balun?

A: A balun is a small transformer which converts an audio or video signal from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa (hence the term 'bal*un'). By doing so baluns make the necessary impedance adjustment for audio-visual signal transmission between different wiring systems