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2-Way Manual Rotary Knob VGA (HD15) Serial Switch Box

VGA Rotary Knob Switch Box
AB Switch | Shielded Metal Case | Rubber Feet | Rotery Knob | Share Two Devices w/ One Port

2-Way Manual Rotary Knob VGA (HD15) Serial Switch Box 

Easily switch between VGA devices with just a turn of a knob. Share two different computers to 1 display, or one computer to 2 different displays with this manual 15-pin VGA switch.


  • Input: 2 Female VGA
  • Output: 1 Female VGA
  • No power required
  • Share two computers with one VGA Monitor (2-port)
  • Max Resolution: 1600x1280
  • Enclosure: Metal (4 x 6 x 2.5')

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Q: What’s the difference between a switch and a splitter?

A: A switch allows you to connect multiple video sources to 1 display. A splitter allows you to take the video from one source and then display it on multiple displays depending on how many outputs the splitter has.

Q: Will I lose picture quality if I use a switch?

A: No a switch will maintain the picture quality.

Features & Specs
Number of Inputs: Number of Inputs supported by the switch ? 2
Input Connector Type: Type of Connector on the input side of the switch box? 2x Female VGA
Output Connector Type Type of Connector on the output side of the switch box ? 1x Female VGA
Switch Mechanism Method used to switch between inputs? Turn Knob