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1/16 IN Heat Shrink Tubing - 2:1 Shrink Ratio - Per Foot

81-100-116 XX
Pre-Shrink Circular Diameter: 1/16 IN | Post-Shrink Circular Diameter: 1/32 IN

1/16 IN Heat Shrink Tubing - 2:1 Shrink Ratio

Heat Shrink Tubing forms to the exact shape and size of the underlying material when heated. It offers an added layer of protection against harmful environmental factors. It can be used to insulate, combine, consolidate, or organize cables. Heat Shrink tubing is quick and easy to install for virtually any application. This tubing is halogen-free, flexible, and flame retardant. It is free of Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr+6, PBB and PBDE.


  • Shrink Temperature(°C): 90 (194° F)
  • Temperature Range(°C): -55 ~ 125 (131° - 257° F)
  • Shrink Ratio: 2:1 or 50%
  • Pre-Shrink Circular Diameter: 1/16 IN
  • Post-Shrink Circular Diameter: 1/32 IN
  • Diameter: 1/16 Inch
  • Max Continuous Length: 100 FT

Not sure what size you need? Check out the Q & A Tab for guidance.

Please note: All products that are bought per foot are non-returnable.

Any amount of heat shrink you order above the maximum continuous length of 100 FT will be sent in separate pieces.

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Product Questions

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Q: Why should I use Heat Shrink Tubing?

A: This tubing is the perfect way to insulate and protect your cables and wires from harmful elements. It also provides extra durability and heat resistance for you cables.

Q: What does the ratio on the Heat Shrink Tubing mean?

A: The ratio provides the size of the original Heat Shrink Tubing as compared to the size of it after it has been heated and shrunk. We carry 2:1 ratio Heat Shrink Tubing. This means that after being heated the tubing will be half of its original size.

Q: How do I know what size to buy?

A: It is very important to measure whatever you are planning on covering before you order our Heat Shrink Tubing. Buy tubing that is larger in diameter by about 20-30% then what you plan on covering. This is to assure that there is room to move and adjust the tubing around your cables and wires. Also you should buy a piece that is longer than you think you will need due to a slight shrinkage that might occur lengthwise of about 5% during the heating process.

Q: How is heat shrink measured?

A: The size of the heat shrink is the measurement of the diameter. There are two ways to determine the diameter. For smaller tubular heat shrink it is the measurement from end to end. For larger heat shrink that is shipped flat it is the flat width multiplied by 2 and divided by PI. Width x 2 / π. This calculation gives you the diameter of the heat shrink when it is opened to its full circular size.

Q: What kind of tool do I need to use in order to shrink the tubing?

A: You will need a heat gun to shrink your tubing. We sell one that will get the job done!

Features & Specs
Shrink Temperature (°C) The temperature at which the tubing shrinks? 90
Temperature Range (°C) The temperature range the tubing can withstand? -55 ~ 125
Shrink Ratio The amount of shrinkage that will occur? 2:1
Longitudinal Change The amount the tubing will shrink in length? Less than 5%
Diameter Pre-Shrink The diameter of the tubing before heated? 1/16 Inch
Diameter Post-Shrink The diameter of the tubing after heated? ≤ 1/32 Inch