USB A Male to USB 5 Pin Mini B Male Cable - 15 FT

Part no. 23-115-015

28 AWG | Transfer Rates Up to 480 Mbps | PVC Jacket | Common on Cell Phones, GPSs & More

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Quantity Discount Pricing
1 - 9 10 - 24 25 - 99 100 - 249 250+
$4.99 $4.69 $4.39 $3.99 $3.69

USB 2.0 Cables - 15FT USB Type A Male to Mini B Male Cable

Mini-USB cables allow you to connect to cell phones, GPS systems, PDAs, OTG devices and digital cameras using the Mini-USB connection. The Mini-USB connector's small form factor is ideal for today's small portable devices while offering better performance than previous USB standards. Whether you are replacing a lost cable or looking for a second cable for the office, these cables allow you to quickly and easily transfer data or charge your device.


  • Length: 15 ft.
  • Connector 1: USB Type A Male
  • Connector 2: USB Type Mini Male
  • 28 AWG
  • Transfer rates up to 480Mbps
REVIEW SUMMARY for USB A Male to USB 5 Pin Mini B Male Cable - 15 FT
5.0 (based on 10 reviews)
  • Mini USB Cords

    Reviewed by:

    From: ATU/Ozark

    1/25/2017    #25906

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    Was exactly what I needed.

    Reviewed by:

    From: CO

    8/3/2016    #23182

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    Fast service.
  • Great price, sent speedily

    Reviewed by:

    From: California

    7/3/2016    #22748

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    Cables received in a flash. Everything packaged well and in perfect condition.
  • Great company

    Reviewed by:

    From: Georgia

    4/13/2016    #21669

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    I would purchase cables from this company again. I got the right cord, at a very reasonable price, and it arrived sooner than I expected. I would highly recommend this company.
  • USB A Male to USB 5 Pin Mini B Male Cable - 6 FT

    Reviewed by:

    From: NH

    3/31/2016    #21575

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    Beyond my expectations for the quality and price. You will be my go to cable company from this moment forth.....
  • I ordered two USB Cables, one was 3 ft, long, the other 6ft

    Reviewed by:

    From: Washington, NC

    1/23/2016    #20496

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    The cables were every bit as good as cables can be. What really impressed me was that this was a small order; yet it was processsd the same day I ordered it and the cables got here two days sooner than promised.
  • Order Placed on USB A Male to USB 5 Pin Mini B Male Cable

    Reviewed by:

    From: Washington

    8/25/2015    #18169

    PROS: The product works really well; Faster than I expected
    CONS: None specified
    I had trouble ordering a cable and I ordered the wrong one. I talked to Jonathan Citrin and he had me take a picture of the back of my scanner and send it to him. He then told me which cable to get. He was very kind and patient. I will always have a good word to say about Show Me Cables.
  • Positive Experience with Cable

    Reviewed by:

    From: Girard Ohio

    8/14/2015    #17905

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    This is a cable I had to replace for my digital recorder and it is 1000 times better than the original cable that came with the recorder. The connections are solid and make excellent contact and the wiring is heavy duty to reduce wear and tear. The other great comment about these cables is that ShowMeCables offers them in various lengths where most other competitive companies do not and have to find them elsewhere. Also ShowMeCables provides some of their cables in various colors which is superior for me due to my visual impairment.
  • Quality Product

    Reviewed by:

    From: Honolulu, Hawaii

    7/30/2015    #17615

    PROS: The product works really well; Faster than I expected
    CONS: None specified
    Worthwhile purchase. I did not realize prior to this order that 3 feet of any kind of electronic cable(s) are hard to come buy in the retail stores. I looked at various stores and the most common length is 6 feet. Another point is that a usb to mini usb is not a easy combination to find. I had to come to Show Me Cables to purchase one. Getting back to this cable. I should have ordered more. I will on my next order. A very good quality and shipping was quick. I have ordered from Show Me Cables in the past, if a you are looking for any kind of electronic cables give them a try.
  • USB Cables

    Reviewed by:


    3/2/2014    #9965

    PROS: Great Cable for the Price
    CONS: None specified
    Great Cable for the Price and quick shipper

Q: What kind of cable do I need for my printer?

A: Typically, printers today are connected with a USB A Male to B Male cable

Q: What if I need to extend my current USB cable past the 16 foot distance limit?

A: Because passive USB cables have a distance limitation you would need an active extension cable to help boost the signal coming from the source.

Q: I'm unsure what USB cable I need, can you help?

A: Please click on the resource tab to see the USB connector graph. This should help identify the correct cable.

Manufacturer/Product Line (if applicable) Model No.
BenQ/DC C500, 1300, 1500, 2400, 4500
Canon/EOS 1D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N, 1DS Mark II, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV, 1Ds Mark III, 5D, 5D Mark II, 7D
Rebel T1i, Rebel T2i, Rebel XS, Rebel XSi
Digital Rebel (300D) Digital Rebel XT (350D), Rebel XTi (400D)
10D, 20D, 30D, 40D

A10, A100, A480, A490, A495, A1000 IS, A1100 IS, A20, A200, A2100 IS, A3000 IS, A3100 IS, A510, A520, A530, A540, A550, A560, A570 IS, A580, A590 IS, A60, A610, A620, A630, A640, A650 IS, A70, A700, A710 IS, A720 IS, A75, A80, A85, A95
D10, E1, G10, G11, G3, G5, G6, G7, G9
S1, IS, S2 IS, S3 IS, S30, S300, S330, S40, S400, S410, S45, S5 IS, S50, S500, S60, S70, S80, S90
SD10, SD100, SD1000, SD1100 IS, SD1200 IS, SD1300 IS, SD1400 IS, SD20, SD200, SD30, SD300, SD3500 IS, SD40, SD400, SD430, SD450, SD500, SD550, SD600, SD630, SD700 IS, SD750, SD770 IS, SD780 IS, SD800 IS, SD850 IS, SD870 IS, SD880 IS, SD890 IS, SD900, SD940 IS, SD950 IS, SD960 IS, SD970 IS, SD980 IS, SD990 IS
SX1 IS, SX10 IS, SX100 IS, SX110 IS, SX120 IS, SX20 IS, SX200 IS, SX210 IS

Casio GV-10, GV-20
QV 4000, QV 5700, QV 5000SX, QV R3, QV R4, QV R40, QV R51
Contax SL300R T, TVS Digital
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Epson L-500V

A120, A150, A310, A345, A350, A600, A610, A700, A800, A820, A850, A900
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F100fd, F200EXR, F601 Zoom, F60fd, F610, F650, F70EXR
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Hewlett Packard (HP)/Photosmart

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Kodak/EasyShare C142, C180
Konica Minolta/DiMage G530
Kyocera/FineCam L3v, S3, S3L, S4, S5, S5R, SL300R
Leica/C-Lux 1
Leica/Digilux 1, 2, 3
Leica/D-Lux 3, 4
Leica/M Series M8, M8.2
Leica/V-Lux 1
Nikon/CoolPix 2000
Nikon/D D100, D200, D2H, D2HS, D2X, D2XS. D3. D300, D3000, D300S, D3S, D3X, D40, D40X, D50, D70, D700, D70S, D80, D90

C-4000, C-50, C-5000, C-5050, C-5060, C-60, C-7070, C-720, C-730, C-740, C-750, C-760, C-765, C-770, C-8080
D-380, D-390, D-395, D-520, D-535, D-540, D-550, D-560, D-580, D-590, D-595
E-1, E-3, E-30

Olympus/EVOLT 300
Olympus/FE 100, 110, 170, 210
Olympus/ImageLink D-555
Olympus/IR 300
Olympus/Stylus 300, 400, 410, 6000, 8000, 7000, 9000
Pentax/Optio 30, 330RS, 430RS, 50L, A40, E30, E40, E50, M40, M50, M60, S10, S12, S5n, SVi, V10, V20, W60, X70, Z10
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Sony/Mavica CD200, CD250, CD300, CD350, CD400, CD500, FD100, FD200, FD92, FD97
Toshiba/PDR M500, M700
Toshiba/Sora T10
Vivitar/Vivicam 3315, 3340, 3715, 3825
USB Connector Guide
Connector Type
Common Use
USB 2.0 A Male
USB A Male
Commonly plugged into the USB port on a computer
USB 2.0 A Female
USB A Female
Commonly used for extending the length of an existing USB cable. USB A Male is able to plug into this connector
USB 2.0 B Male
USB B Male
Commonly used on a printer, external hard drive and other USB Devices
USB 2.0 Micro Male
USB Micro Male
Commonly used on new smartphones and other USB devices
USB 2.0 Mini Male
USB Mini Male
Commonly used on cell phones, digital cameras and GPS devices
USB 2.0 Mini Female
USB Mini Female
Commonly used to extend the length of an existing USB mini cable
USB 3.0 A Male
USB 3 A MAle
Commonly used on USB 3.0 devices
USB 3.0 B Male
USB 3 B Male
Commonly used on USB 3.0 printers and other USB devices
USB 3.0 Micro
USB 3 Micro Male
Commonly used on USB 3.0 hubs and other devices

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