DVI-D to VGA Active Converter

Part no. 47-300-017

1920x1200 Resolution | No External Power | USB Cable Included | Plug & Play

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Quantity Discount Pricing
1 - 2 3 - 5 6 - 7 8 - 9 10+
$49.99 $48.99 $47.03 $45.09 $43.09

DVI-D to VGA Active Converter

The DVI-D to VGA converter lets you connect a digital DVI output from your desktop or laptop computer onto a VGA monitor or projector, saving the cost of upgrading to a DVI-D compatible display. This portable adapter works to convert a standard powered DVI bus to VGA, without an external power source. For low-powered DVI ports, a USB cable is included that can power the device from any USB power source. Supports resolutions up to 1920X1200.


  • Input; DVI-D
  • Output: VGA
  • Resolutions upto 1920x1200
  • Plug and Play

Don't Forget the Cables!

Features & Specs
Input The input connection? DVI-D
Output The output connection? VGA
Cables Needed
What cables are needed for the product? VGA
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Q: Why do I need a converter to convert to or from HDMI?

A: HDMI is a digital signal. In order to change the signal type to an analog signal, active processing is needed.

Q: My new TV only has optical audio out. My older audio receiver only has red and white RCA inputs. What product do I need to connect these devices together?

A: To make that connection you will need a digital audio to analog audio converter. You can find that product here.

Q:Will a converter improve my picture quality?

A: No, a converter will only change the signal type. The signal quality will be only as good as the input device.

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