USB 2.0 Internal AT Motherboard Adapter - 2 Port - 12 Inch

USB 2.0 Internal AT Motherboard Adapter - 2 Port - 12 Inch

Part no. 4444

18 AWG | Copper Conductors | PVC | RoHS Compliant | Add USB Connection to Motherboard

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1-9 10-24 25-99 100-249 250+
$6.99 $6.69 $6.39 $6.09 $5.79
Quantity Discount Pricing
1 - 9 10 - 24 25 - 99 100 - 249 250+
$6.99 $6.69 $6.39 $6.09 $5.79

Internal Computer Components - USB AT Motherboard Adapter

This USB 2.0 Internal AT Motherboard Adapter with two ports is used to add a USB connection to your AT motherboard. It contains two 5-pin headers and two USB-A connectors. This cable is designed with high quality materials to offer you better conductivity and reliable use.


  • Connector 1: 2x USB-A Female
  • Connector 2: 2x 5-Pin Motherboard Header
  • Color: Gray
  • Length: 12 Inches
  • RoHS Compliant
Features & Specs
Connector 1
The type of connector on side 1? 2x USB-A Female
Connector 2
The type of connector on side 2? 2x Motherboard Header
The number of pins in the connector? 2x 5-Pin
Gauge The size of the copper wire? 18 AWG
Conductors What material is used for the conductors? Copper
Material The material used for the jacket? PVC
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Q: What is an internal connector?

A: Internal connectors are what is found on the inside of your computer. There are socket connectors and power connectors. Socket connectors are used with flat ribbon cables and are used to transfer data between devices. Power connectors are used to power devices that are inside the computer. Both types stay in place by the friction between the connector body and where you plug it in to.

Q: What do the different colors of the wires mean?

A: Generally, there are four wires in your internal power cable. There are two back ones, one red one, and one yellow one. In internal power cables, both of the black wires are grounded, the red wire is +5 volts, and the yellow wire is +12 volts.

Q: I am about to buy a cable and want to make sure I get the right length. How is the 12 inch cable measured?

A: The cables listed as 12 inches are measured from the mounting plate or bracket to the motherboard connectors. The same goes for all of the lengths.

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