Tone Tester Set Cable Locator

Part no. 93-700-155

Red & Black Test Leads | 4 Conductor Cord | Tone Selector | 3 Colored LED | 9V Batteries

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Quantity Discount Pricing
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$85.99 $83.49 $80.99 $78.48 $75.98

Tone Tester Set Cable Locator

This Tone-Test Set Cable Locator is inexpensive and easy to use. With a volume switch and a tone selector the Tone-Test set can be personally adapted for any work place. Without destroying the insulation, the amplifier probe recognizes and traces wires or cables within a group. With a clear audible tone and LED light the Tone-Test set tests line polarity, voltage, and continuity. This cable locator can test CATV, data, telephone, coax, modular and security cabling.


  • Cable Tracker Receiver with Headphone Jack and Cable Tracker Sender
  • Red and Black Test Leads Included
  • 4 Conductor Modular Cord and Plug.
  • Tone Selector Switch
  • Volume Control
  • 3-position Toggle Switch
  • 3-colored LED Light Emitting Diode
  • Includes Two 9 Volt Batteries
  • Includes a Rugged High Impact ABS Case
Features & Specs
Tool Purpose The purpose of the tester? Identification
Cable Type The type of cable it tests? Coaxial, Telephone, Ethernet
Ports The type of compatible ports? Alligator Clips, RJ11/RJ12
Tool Type The type of tester? Data, Voice
REVIEW SUMMARY for Tone Tester Set Cable Locator
4.5 (based on 2 reviews)
  • Toner - Test Set Cable Locator

    Reviewed by:

    From: Earth City, MO

    10/7/2014    #11472

    PROS: Works great; Lightning quick
    CONS: None specified
    This is the least expensive model I have found. It works great and a quality build. Worked great with no issues.
  • Good service

    Reviewed by:

    From: Forest Hill La

    7/23/2013    #1455

    PROS: None specified
    CONS: None specified
    Fit my needs

Q: What is a cable tester?

A: A cable tester is a device used to test the signal strength or connection for a type of cable or network of cables.  There are many different types of cable testers and each test specific cable, or several different types.

Q: What deos this product test?


  • Identify and trace cable pairs
  • Diagnose the break point
  • Continuity

Q: What are different types of cable testers?

A: Verification – A cable tester can verify whether or not the cables wired are properly connected and paired.  This type of tester will reveal any problems in the cables.

Indentification - These testers will idenitfy which cable you need to work with.

Qualification – These types of testers cover everything that the verification equipment test, but they will also tell you how well the cable supports data transfers.

Certification – These cable testers are the most sophisticated of the three. They cover the functions of both verification and qualification, but they also can create a schematic of the entire network.


In terminated working cables: connect one test lead to a terminated wire and the other test lead to earth or equipment ground.

In unterminated or non-working cables: connect one test lead to an unterminated wire and trhe other test lead to another unterminated wire.

Then depress the round on/off spring-loaded button of the amplifier probe. Once on, touch the tip of the amplifier probe to the insulation of each suspect conductor. The reception of tone will be loudest on the subject wire.

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