Smart Control A/V Controller
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Smart Control A/V Controller

Part no. 40099

Control Your Entire Smart Classroom

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Leverage teaching technology to be an educational tool rather than a time trap with our A/V controller.  In today's classrooms technology is everywhere - Smartboards, projectors, DVD, Blu-Ray, A/V equipment, cameras, and more.  It can be a daunting task just finding the right remote.  With our A/V controller you can control all of your equipment with just a press of a button.

Specifically designed for K-12 classrooms our controller is easy to operate and easy to install.  With 8 buttons storing 4 commands each you have plenty of options to program the codes you need.  For example most projectors require you to press the off button twice to shut down.  Now with one button you can shut off your projector.  Tired of wasting teaching time by setting up your A/V?  With one button you can turn everything on in the morning so everything is ready to go.  The options are limitless.


  • One button on and off for all devices
  • Large illuminated buttons each labeled for your equipment
  • Auto start program in the morning
  • Auto shutdown program in the evening
  • Store backup so you never have to reprogram
  • Stores up to 32 commands for all your A/V devices

Installation Benefits:

  • Designed for easy installation in a classroom environment
  • Make programming changes without removing the controller from the wall
  • 3 ways to program - Connect laptop into controller with provided USB cable, Upload program from flash drive using provided adapter, Accept IR codes from remote controls
  • Program one controller and upload to all classroom in minutes
  • Decora style wall plate is easy to mount
  • Full library of manufacturer codes
  • Programming software included
  • 36 different labeled buttons
  • Each button can store 4 commands
  • Repeat, sequential, fire-all, and single command macros
  • Signaling and power from controller is with one Cat5e
  • Multiport adapter with DB9 and IR output connects to controller


  • 8 Illuminated Buttons
  • RJ45 Data and Power Jack
  • ABS Plastic
  • PCB Size - 60mm x 105mm x 21mm

Multiport Controller Interface Adapter

  • 5.5mm DC Power Jack
  • DB9 Male - RS232 Applications
  • 3.5mm TS - IR Applications
  • 2-Port Screw Terminal - Long distance IR Applications
  • RJ45 - Data and Power Send to Controller
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Package Includes:

  • Decora Style Controller
  • Multiport Controller Interface Adapter
  • IR Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Programming Software
  • USB adapter
  • USB cable

Programming Software Requirements:

• Operating System: Windows® Server 2003, XP, Vista, Sever 2008, or 7
• Processor: 400MHz Pentium® processor or equivalent (Minimum), 1GHz Pentium® processor or equivalent (Recommended)
• RAM: 96MB (Minimum), 256MB (Recommended)
• Hard Disk: Up to 500MB of available space may be required
• Display: 800x600, 256 Colors (Minimum), 1024x768, high color, 32-bit (Recommended)

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