S-Video Male Solder Connector - Plastic
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S-Video Male Solder Connector - Plastic

Part no. 1704

Plastic Body | Nickel Plated | Strain Relief | Solder Type

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An S-Video connector is a mini 4-pin DIN connector commonly used in video applications. The S-video connector is a standard definition video connector, but offers better signal clarity than standard RCA composite video. This S-Video Male connector features a plastic housing with included cable strain relief. Internally, conductors are attached by soldering the wires to solder cups behind the connector. Choose our plastic S-Video Male connector for a connection that's cost-efficient and reliable.


  • S-Video Male
  • Plastic Housing
  • Strain Relief
  • Nickel-Plated Conductors
Features & Specs
Form factor The form factor of this connector? Straight
Style The style of this connector? Solder
Impedance The impedance of this connector? 75 Ohm
Gender The gender of this connector? Male
Conductor Material The material the conductor is made from? Brass with nickel plating
Housing Material The material this body is made from? Plastic
REVIEW SUMMARY for S-Video Male Solder Connector - Plastic
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  • S-Video Male Solder Connector - Plastic

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    12/25/2014    #13706

    PROS: Super fast
    CONS: I couldn’t get it to work
    I bought two of these in case I messed up with one. Unfortunately, the pins overheated when trying to solder. The plastic melted just enough so the pins were no longer tight on the circuit board.

Q: What does S-Video stand for?

A: S-Video stands for, "separate video." It separates the luminance and chrominance video signals for a better picture. S-Video is sometimes incorrectly referred to as, “super video.”

Q: Can an S-Video cable transfer sound?

A: No, S-Video cables–by definition–are strictly video cables. Their four pins carry two circuits of video signal. They do not carry audio.

Q: What is the difference between S-Video and Composite video?

A: S-video cable differs from composite in that it carries the brightness (luminance, or Y) and color (chrominance, or C) signals on separate lines within the same cable. S-Video is better than a Composite Video connection. The real benefit of an S-video connection is that it can reduce dot crawl, hanging dots, and crawling edges that appear on the vertical and horizontal edges of some colored objects in the picture.

Q: Will a 4-pin S-Video cable work in my 7-pin S-Video port?

A: There is not a certain answer to that question, but most likely yes. The use of the extra three pins varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but commonly includes a composite video output which is available using the manufacturer's proprietary adapter. Alternatively an YPbPr signal may be provided. Newer Dell laptops provide an SPDIF audio signal.

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