66 - Wiring Block - 12 Jacks - 8P8C

Part no. IC06628P8C

8P8C 8 Jack Configuration | Pre-Terminated | Hinged Cover & Bracket | Factory Tested

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1-2 3-9 10-24 25-49 50+
$54.60 $52.00 $49.40 $46.80 $44.20
Quantity Discount Pricing
1 - 2 3 - 9 10 - 24 25 - 49 50+
$54.60 $52.00 $49.40 $46.80 $44.20

Punch Down Block - 66 - Wiring Block - 12 Jacks - 8P8C

A 66 block is a punchdown block containing rows of four IDC style clips. It is used for terminating 22-26 AWG solid copper cross-connect station wiring for many types of phone systems. Bridge clips are required to complete the circuit between the left and right side of the 66 block.


  • 8P8C 8 Jack configuration
  • Pre-terminated
  • Hinged cover and bracket included
  • Factory tested
Features & Specs
Wiring Block
The type of wiring block? 66
The number of conductors? 96 Conductors
How to terminate? Pre-Terminated
The length of the product? 10.00 Inches
Width The width of the product? 2.50 Inches
Height The height of the product? 3.00 Inches
What the product is made of? Plastic, Brass IDC
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Q: What is the difference between a 66 and 110 block?

A: While both are punchdown blocks can run telecommunications wiring, 110 blocks are the newer version and are able to run telecom and data communications reliably. 110 blocks enable the twist of the cable to be maintained up to the termination point.

Q: What does pre-wired mean?

A: Pre-wired 66 blocks are internally wired and allow you to only have to punch down the incoming service. A telco cable or line cord is then plugged in for the premise wiring. This saves time during installation.

Q: What type of wire should be used?

A: The wire type used should be 22-26 AWG solid copper wiring.

Q: What kind of tool is used to punch down the wire?

A: An impact punch-down tool is highly recommended. This will punch the wire down and cut it in one motion, saving time and gives a much cleaner install.

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