6.5 Foot (2 Meter) Ergo Core High Speed 2.0 HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Right Angle

Part no. 41-145-02M

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30AWG | All Metal Construction | Gold-Plated Connectors | 4k | 3D TV | CL2 Rated

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$6.29 $5.99 $5.69 $5.39 $5.09
Quantity Discount Pricing
1 - 9 10 - 24 25 - 99 100 - 249 250+
$6.29 $5.99 $5.69 $5.39 $5.09

HDMI Cable - 2 Meter Right Angle HDMI with Ethernet

Our Ergo Core High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet retains all of the features of our Elite Core cables: 1080P+ resolution, 3D TV, Deep Color, 600 MHz refresh rate, Ethernet ready, and provides an ergonomic right angle connector on one end. This helps installation in tight spaces, reduces stress on your ports, and prevents accidental disengagement.


  • High Speed HDMI with Ethernet
  • All metal construction
  • One right angle male connector
  • 4k resolution
  • 48 bit deep color
  • 3D ready
  • Exceeds 2.0 requirements
  • Gold plated connectors
  • 600 Mhz refresh rate support
  • 18 Gbits/s Bandwidth
  • CL2 rated jacket
  • 30 AWG
  • 90 degree bend radius
  • Lifetime Warrenty

REVIEW SUMMARY for 6.5 Foot (2 Meter) Ergo Core High Speed 2.0 HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Right Angle
5.0 (based on 6 reviews)
  • 6.5 Foot (2 Meter) Ergo Core High Speed 2.0 HDMI Cable with Ethernet

    Reviewed by:

    From: Canton, Mi.

    12/15/2015    #19852

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    Great cables, I ordered some, 6 of them, After trying others, which did not work. These worked and handle the gbps for 4k LG OLED TV and LED 4k Panasonic. Picture, looks great on both. The right angle ends, was what both TV's needed. Had Monster's 1000 and 2000's they worked but not as good as these. The picture was not as nice as these. I also ordered some, from a well know Co. (M) known for cheaper but good cables and they sucked, Big Time. I also left review on the other Co. web site, telling, how bad their cables were and to come here for cables that worked. In a hint at the end of my review. They did post it. Also, left review on BB web site for the TV and told them were to get these cables. Had one leave a com. that they ordered these and love them too. So, I guess I'm telling you these cables are great and so is the price.
  • Wow!

    Reviewed by:

    From: Canton, Mi. USA

    11/27/2015    #19604

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    I had Monster's 1000's cables and one went bad. I ordered these cables, from Show Me 6.5 Foot (2 Meter) Ergo Core High Speed 2.0 HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Right Angle. And I guess my Monster's aren't so great after all. Because, these are so much better, the color is perfect and the picture. Plus, its brighter and they are only $6.29 ea. 6'5" long. The picture is even better than before. I have the LG OLED 9500 4k.
  • Karl Sittner

    Reviewed by:

    From: Fairport, NY

    3/3/2015    #15489

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    I have a 42" TV and my old cable were sticking out the sides making it a hazard for the grand kids. These are much safer.
  • great cables

    Reviewed by:

    From: Santa Maria, CA

    6/1/2013    #8049

    PROS: None specified
    CONS: None specified
    great cable for the price!
  • High quality cable

    Reviewed by:

    From: Vancouver, WA

    10/1/2012    #8047

    PROS: None specified
    CONS: None specified
    A flexible cable with a quality feel to it. I used it on a new Samsung tv on a stand that had connectors facing to the side. My cable came from the back so I ordered the right angle fitting to connect to the tv. Worked out very well.
  • Works Great

    Reviewed by:

    From: St.Louis MO

    1/26/2012    #100

    PROS: None specified
    CONS: None specified
    Used to hook my blueray player to wall-mounted TV. Angled connector helps cable fit behind TV

Q: What is HDMI?

A: High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a fully digital audio and video interface. HDMI brings the highest quality video to your home theater. Since HDMI supports both audio and video it simplifies wiring significantly.

Q: What is HDMI with ethernet?

A: The "with Ethernet" option allows a device that has Internet access to share that connection with another device that isn't directly connected to the Internet. For instance, you could have a TV connected directly to the internet, then use the HDMI cable with Ethernet to share that internet connection with your Blu-Ray player. Please keep in mind both devices must be Ethernet Sharing compatible for this feature to work. The HDMI with Ethernet cable will still perform normally for HDTV even if an Ethernet signal is not present.

Q: Is HDMI backwards compatible with previous versions?

A: Yes, HDMI is fully backwards compatible.

Q: What are the advantages of using HDMI over S-Video or component?

A: The quality of audio and video increases significantly. Images and sounds will be sharper and defined. These benefits are clearly seen ar resolutions like 1080p.

Q: What does the jacket rating CL2, CM and CMP mean?

  • CL2 is the standard type of PVC jacket used for low voltage cable. CL2 rated cables are often referred to as in-wall rated cables and can be run almost anywhere except plenums. CL2 is more common for non-professional use.
  • CM is standard comminications cabling that is not run in walls or in plenum air spaces.
  • CMP is a rating that is given to cables that have passed a stringent burn test and are able to be run through plenum air spaces. Plenum air spaces include drop ceilings and non-ducted HVAC air returns.

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