40 FT Cat6 Black Outdoor/Direct Burial Ethernet Patch Cable - Red Slip On Boot

Part no. 800-040

24 AWG Pure Copper Conductor | 550 MHz | PoE | UL Listed | RoHS | Lifetime Warranty

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Quantity Discount Pricing
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$20.29 $19.29 $18.39 $17.39 $16.49

Cat6 Ethernet Cables - 40FT Black Outdoor Cat6 Patch Cable

Suitable for outdoor and burial installations, our outdoor rated Cat6 patch cables protect against UV rays, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions. This cable features red slip-on boots that provide strain relief and protection of the connector. If your installation is completely or partially outside, then this is the cable you need.


  • Connector 1: RJ45 with Red Boot
  • Connector 2: RJ45 with Red Boot
  • Black, UV Rated Jacket
  • 568B Pinout
  • 24 AWG 4-Pair Solid Copper Conductor
  • Operating Temperatures -40C to +60C (-40F to +140F)
  • Tested to 550 MHz
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Compatible
  • Supports IP Cameras
  • UL Listed

Availability: These cables are custom manufactured and require an additional 2-3 days to ship.


  • Connecting computer or gaming system to cable modem, DSL, router, hub, sitch, or patch panel.
  • Network computers in office or home.
  • Distribute data, voice, or video through home, office or installation point.
REVIEW SUMMARY for 40 FT Cat6 Black Outdoor/Direct Burial Ethernet Patch Cable - Red Slip On Boot
5.0 (based on 2 reviews)
  • Provide WAN to home LAN cable

    Reviewed by:

    From: Louisiana

    2/18/2016    #20980

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    I bought this product to replace a cat 5 cable the original builder used to cross though my homes exterior wall to connect my network to the providers fiber network. The original installed cable was not exterior grade and the UV light destroyed the casing and I began to have network issues. This cable was outdoor rated. It is well sealed, including the socket end, and is UV protected. I installed it in about an hour (I had to drill a new hole in the brick wall). The only downside is the length, which was a little long for my application (this was the shortest available). There is just some extra cable inside my wall, which isn't a huge deal. It sure beat finding water tight termination ends to try and shorten the cable.
  • Outdoor cables

    Reviewed by:


    12/4/2014    #13322

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    CONS: None specified
    Overnighted these cables, no delays. all cables were as described and in perfect working order.
  • home ownner

    Reviewed by:

    From: san jose california

    10/23/2014    #11936

    PROS: The product works great
    CONS: As expected
    cable is sturdy yet flexible, plug ends connect tight very satisfied
  • Works great

    Reviewed by:

    From: United States

    9/17/2014    #10677

    PROS: Works great; Faster than I thought
    CONS: None specified
  • Very Nice Product!

    Reviewed by:

    From: Buffalo, NY

    3/8/2013    #6187

    PROS: None specified
    CONS: None specified
    Very nice cables. Very solid termination with a sturdy boot over the 8p8c connector. The outer casing is designed for outdoor use and the sheathing is heavier than normal cat6, but still very flexible. Has been stepped on a number of times, even accidentally backed over by a car tire and still works fine. Overall, a very nice cable. Working perfectly.

Q: What are Cat6 Ethernet Cables?
A: Cat6 Ethernet cables are a higher-bandwidth version of Cat5e Ethernet Cables, which are the most commonly used networking cables.

Q: Does this hook up my computer to my modem?
A: Yes! You can use these cables to connect your computer, modem, or router. Most household networks and internet connection devices use Cat5e.

Q: What does Cat6 mean?
A: Cat6 is short for Category 6. Cat6 is the next level up from Cat5e. See below.

Q: What is the difference between Cat5e & Cat6?
A: Cat6 is faster and is used for top of the line networks. While Cat6 will work just as well as Cat5e, the cables alone will not improve the speed of your network.

Q: Will this make my internet connection faster?
A: No; the cable alone will not make your connection faster, it only adds more bandwidth. Imagine that the cable is a highway: adding more bandwidth is like adding more lanes. It allows more traffic, but it doesn't make your car faster. To increase the speed of your internet connection, you must order faster service from your iSP.

Q: Can I use these cables for my Playstation, XBox or other gaming system?
A: Yes. You can use either these cables or Cat5e patch cables.

Q: Do these cables come with plugs on the ends?
A: Yes. The cables on this page are pre-terminated so they are ready to use right out of the box.

Q: Are these the same cables I would buy at my local electronics store?
A: Yes! Our cables may not be the same brand that you would buy at a Radio Shack or Best Buy, but the cables perform the same and are tested in the same way.

Q: Why do these cables cost so much less than cables at other stores?
A: There are two main reasons. We only sell our cables on the Web so we do not have the expenses and overhead required to run a brick-and-mortar store. The second reason is that we manufacture our own cables. Brand-name cables are well-known for being overpriced, while our cables have the exact same technical specifications.

Q: How are you patch cables measured?
A: Our patch cables are measured from tip-to-tip. There is, however, a tolerance to be aware of. This tolerance is listed as (+ or –) in inches on the spec sheet for each product. For this cable the tolerance is between 5 - 7 inches.

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