3.5mm TRRS Panel Mount Female - Metal
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3.5mm TRRS Panel Mount Female - Metal

Part no. 890

Female - Solder Type Connector

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This panel mount 3.5mm TRRS female solder connector is commonly used for audio and video on portable electronic devices, iPhones and many camcorders.


  • 3.5mm TRRS (1/8") panel mount female connector
  • 4 Conductor
  • Solder type
  • Mounts in 1/4 inch hole
  • Bushing length .165 inches
  • Durable
Features & Specs
Form factor The form factor of this connector? Straight
Style The style of this connector? Solder
Gender The gender of this connector? Female
Conductor Material The material the conductor is made from? Nickel Plated Brass
Housing Material The material this body is made from? Metal
REVIEW SUMMARY for 3.5mm TRRS Panel Mount Female - Metal
4.5 (based on 4 reviews)
  • Panel Jack

    Reviewed by:

    From: California

    12/28/2014    #13746

    PROS: The product works really well; Super fast
    Was exactly as described worked perfectly for my application and is well made.
  • Great TRRS Jack

    Reviewed by:

    From: United States

    9/30/2014    #11186

    PROS: Works great; Lightning quick
    I tried to buy TRRS Panel Mount Jack from amazon and almost placed the order, only to find out it was shipped from England... I don't want wait 3 weeks for such a small part. With more searching from ebay, I was disappointed because I can't find any of these shipped from US for 5 bucks or less. When I was desperate, google helped, I found them from Show Me Cables,price was reasonable, so I ordered two of them. They were shipped the next day and I got the package in 3 days! That's fast:). Shipping was not free though, I added 2.99 for the cheapest option. Testing was good, the contacts were free of oil and shiny like stainless steel. Not really sure what metal it is but it is easy to attach solder. Jack was a bit tight for my phone plug, but connection is great. There are two little things I want to mention: 1, it will help some people if a wiring diagram is included. I know, most of the guys order this should already have a multimeter, I do have one but the fuse was blown because of a current test the day before it arrived and I had to dig out a circuit meter in the garage to test which connector is which. 2, the hex shaped lock nut doesn't look good since I am going to mount it in my car, would like it more if the nut is round.
  • Perfect for our needs

    Reviewed by:

    From: Denver, CO

    5/19/2013    #1242

    We used this to connect to the 8-pin Din coming out of the deck of a '90 Chrysler Lebaron (originally connected to the CD player). Now we can play our iPod!
  • Does what I needed it to do

    Reviewed by:

    From: St. Louis MO

    2/5/2013    #921

    This seems to be a good quality jack. There was no instruction on which terminals were for the trrs contacts though. I made the assumption 1 was for the tip, 2 was first ring, unmarked was for second ring, and side terminal for the sleeve, which turned out to be right. Had to check continuity on male side of plug with the 4 wires to make sure I had them mated up right as there was no information o

Q: I'm unsure what connector I need, can you help?

A: Please click on the resource tab to see a pictoral graph. This should help identify the correct connector.

Q: How do I split the signal from an audio jack on a computer, phone, iPod or MP3?

A: To split the signal you would use a 3.5mm Stereo Splitter


Plug: Male Connector

Jack: Female connector

TS: Mono (Tip, Sleeve)

TRS: Stereo (Tip, Ring, Sleeve)

TRRS: 4 conductor (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve)

Audio Connector Guide
Connector Type
Explanation and Uses
TS ( Mono) Plug (Male)
3.5mm TS Plug
This is a TS or mono plug, (note the single stripe on the connector)
This provides single channel analog audio.
TRS (Stereo) Plug (Male)
USB A Female
This is a TRS or stereo plug (note the two stripes on the connector)
This provides a stereo or 2 channel analog audio.
Commonly found on headphones
TRRS Plug (Male)
4 Conductor
3.5mm TRRS Plug
This is a TRRS 4 conductor plug (note the 3 stripes on the connector)
This can provide 2 channel audio plus a microhone. Also capable of 2 channel audio and a video feed.
This is commonly found on iPhone headsets and portable DVD players.

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