3 Pin DIN Male Solder Connector - Metal

Part no. 1747

3 Pins | Solder Cups | Metal | Molded Strain Relief | 22 AWG Wire | 7mm Cable

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Quantity Discount Pricing
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$4.85 $4.32 $4.23 $4.14 $4.06

The 3 Pin DIN Male Solder Connector is an economic and lightweight metal connector. The metal construction provides a sturdier connector. The plug comes in four parts and can be easily disassembled for access to the solder cups. The 3 Pin DIN Male Connector accepts up to 22 AWG wire. The solder cups are easy to work with and the eyes are easy to thread. The 3 Pin DIN Male Connector is designed with molded strain relief and accepts cables up to 7mm.


  • 3 Pin DIN Male
  • Metal
  • Lead Type: Solder Cups
  • Molded Strain Relief
  • Accepts 22 AWG Wire
  • Accepts Cable up to 7mm
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  • 3 Pin DIN Male Solder Connector- Nice

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    12/22/2015    #19904

    PROS: The product works really well; Faster than I expected
    CONS: None specified
    The 3 pin DIN male connectors arrived quickly. They oar of good quality and work as expected. I would buy these again.

Q: What is the configuration for 3 pin din connectors?

A: See image below.

Q: What are 3 Pin DIN Connectors commonly used for?

A: The 3 Pin DIN Connector is commonly used for mixer power supplies and VESA Stereo applications.

Q: What cables are used with DIN Connectors?

A: Din connectors are commonly used with multi-conductor cables with at least one conductor per pin on the connector.

Q: How do I attach a DIN connector to my cable?

A: In order to attach a DIN connector to a cable you must solder each pin to its respective conductor.

Q: How do I prevent melting the plastic in the connector during soldering?

A: When soldering a DIN connector avoid heating the untinned wire and connector point and applying the solder all at once. This will cause melting and frustration. Tinning the wire ends and allowing them to cool before you tin the connector will prevent melting and allow you to attatch the wire correctly.

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