3 Conductor Stranded Unshielded Plenum Cable - 1000 FT | West Penn Part 25231B

3 Conductor Stranded Unshielded Plenum Cable - 1000 FT | West Penn Part 25231B

Part no. 87-103-128 GY

22 AWG | Stranded Bare Copper | 3 Conductor | CMP | UL Listed | West Penn Part 25231B

Quantity Discount Pricing
1-1 2-4 5-9 10-14 15+
$161.69 $153.99 $146.29 $138.59 $130.89
Quantity Discount Pricing
1 2 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 14 15+
$161.69 $153.99 $146.29 $138.59 $130.89

West Penn Wire’s 25231B features three unshielded stranded conductors in a plenum-rated jacket. Plenum jackets are meant to be used indoor within ducts or plenum air spaces for a wide variety of applications, including: intercom systems, security systems, sound and audio, and background music.


  • Manufacturer: West Penn Wire
  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • 22 AWG
  • Stranded ASTM Bare Copper
  • Polymer alloy Insulation
  • Gray Jacket
  • Overall Flex Plenum Jacket(CMP-rated)
  • UL-Listed
Features & Specs
Cable Type The type of cable described? Stranded Bare Copper
The number of conductors on the cable? 3
Conductor Size Gauge of center conductor? 22 AWG
Jacket Material The type of material used in the jacket of the cable? PVC (CMP-Rated)
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Q: What is the difference between stranded and solid conductor control cable?

A: In terms of conducting electricity, stranded and solid conductors are interchangeable for most applications. The main differences concern the installation of the cable. In general, solid cable costs less than stranded because stranded is more expensive to produce, but stranded is generally easier to work with. Solid cable is less flexible than stranded and less forgiving when bent. It is also easier to trim stranded conductors. On the other hand, solid may be preferred for ease of termination in some cases, such as with loop-and-screw devices. Solid is generally less compliant than stranded cable, so make sure to check your local electrical codes.

Q: What does the jacket rating CL2, CM and CMP mean?


  • CL2 is the standard type of PVC jacket used for low voltage cable. CL2 rated cables are often referred to as in-wall rated cables and can be run almost anywhere except plenums. CL2 is more common for non-professional use.
  • CM is standard comminications cabling that is not run in walls or in plenum air spaces.
  • CMR is riser-rated, which means it can be run between floors in commercial buildings.
  • CMP is a rating that is given to cables that have passed a stringent burn test and are able to be run through plenum air spaces. Plenum air spaces include drop ceilings and non-ducted HVAC air returns.

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