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Bulk RG11 Coax Cable

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About Bulk RG11 Cable

RG11 cable is a 75 ohm coaxial type cable used most commonly for audio video applications like satellite or cable TV. Due to its thick size, roughly twice the size of RG-6, rigidity and lower loss characteristics, it is often used for long runs or backbone premise wiring.

We carry a wide selection of RG11 to meet the needs of your installation. Here is an overview of the different types of RG11:

  • Standard PVC - suitable for indoor cable runs
  • Direct Burial PE - outdoor cable designed to be installed directly into the ground
  • Outdoor PE - outdoor cable designed for above ground applications. Can be installed in the ground if installed in conduit
  • Plenum CMP - rated for return air spaces, meets all electrical codes
  • Quad Shield - extra shielding for high interference areas, such as industrial applications
  • RG11 with Messenger - for aerial applications where the cable needs extra support

As with all coax cables, RG11 requires different connectors based on the cables you are working with. For example, a quad shield RG11 would used different connectors then a PVC type cable. The good news is that we carry all types of connectors for RG11 including F and BNC.

RG6 vs. RG11

A common question is, "Should I use RG6 or RG11?". RG-6 is much more flexible cable. It is easier to run, bend, and terminate. Therefore, we recommend it for all in-home installations. If you are running a remote satellite and the cable will be run a long distance above or below ground, then choose RG11.

RG11 Specifications

While specifications vary from cable to cable and the exact specification can be found on the product pages, here are the general specs for RG-11.

  • Impedance - 75 ohm
  • Diaelectric Material - PE
  • Diaelectric Size - .285 inches
  • Outside Diameter - .412 inches
  • Available shielding - Double / Quad

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